If you're not with the Lead Dog, the view is always the same.
Face it, these days everyone is trying to get as much “bang for their buck” when it comes to video production to boost their business. Few people have unlimited budgets anymore and many are trying to squeeze all they can from what remains in the promotional budget.

That’s where Lead Dog Video Production can help...

We help you turn your ideas for your web or corporate video into reality without having to pay for the overhead that some production companies have to add to their costs. If you want creativity coupled with top notch, professional video production in Memphis, Tennessee without the sticker shock price tag,
contact Lead Dog Video Production.

For those of you looking for top quality and low cost video production outside the Mid-South, you can contact our Atlanta, Georgia office


ead Dog Video is your resource for video production in Memphis. We can produce your video in (SD 4:3 or 16:9) Standard Definition video or (HD) High Definition video.

Contact us at 901.496.3482 for these video production services: Capital Campaign Videos | Corporate Videos | News Release Videos | TV Commercials | Marketing Videos